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Jun Jin Pyo (b.1984~)

2019  Ph.D., Fine Arts, Hongik University, South Korea
2013  M.A.F., Fine Arts, Dankook University, South Korea
2010  B.A.F., Fine Arts, Dankook University, South Korea

Solo Exhibitions
2023 Nothing, Nothing, Nothing at All, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2022  Poems of Love and the Sea, Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta, Indonasia

2021  Our gaze through space, CCA, Seoul, Korea

        A Brusque Remark, Gallery Toon, Chuncheon, Korea

2020  Cavalier Gaze, Yugiche, Busan, Korea
2019  Certain of What We Do Not See, HoMA, Seoul,
        With a Flutter, 4tk004, Sewoon Plaza, Seoul, Korea 
        Small becomes smaller, large becomes larger,

        Playthat, Seoul, Korea
2013  My work is done for today, Window gallery, 

        Gallery Hyundai,  Seoul, Korea       
        Laying out the fleece, Space 15#, Seoul, Korea

Group exhibitions

2023 Layers, Arte K, Seoul, Korea

        Continuity of change, JJ JoongJung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2020  The Moment When Meaninglessness Becomes

        Meaning, JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019  Stage7, Livein gallery, Busan, Korea
2018  Journey of Mind, artbn, Seoul, Korea
        Fantastic Voyage, HoMA, Seoul, Korea
2017  Pittura, Gallery Café Onue, Seoul, Korea
        Our Nation, 10 Corso Como, Seoul, Korea

2015  Keeping Quiet, JJ joongjung gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2014  Filemaker, Eoulsam, Seoul, Korea 
        Invited group exhibition, Vollekanne Gallery, Seoul,
2013  Grids, Kwanhoon gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011  The Floating Houses, Open house, Anyang, Korea
2010  Joongang fine arts prize, Seoul arts center Hangaram

        art museum, Seoul, Korea
        Sweet Dream, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Scope Art Show, Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, 
        City Song, Space 15#, Seoul, Korea

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